Gwich’in Business Policy

The goals of the Gwich’in Business Policy are to:

  • Develop Gwich’in competencies, skills and expertise;
  • Ensure that economic opportunities are offered to Gwich’in;
  • Encourage meaningful participation by Gwich’in in all aspects of the economy; and
  • Increase Gwich’in wealth and self sufficiency

The GTC representing Gwich’in Participants and as trustees of the Gwich’in Settlement Lands under the GCLCA, has created a Gwich’in Business Policy that provides preferential access to Gwich’in owned businesses so that:

  • The Gwich’in can access opportunities to participate fully in all aspects of the regional economy, on a preferred basis in Unity;
  • The Gwich’in receive maximum economic benefit from business and government development within the Gwich’in Settlement Area and Settlement Lands;
  • Businesses in the resource development sector have a clear understanding of their responsibilities when doing business within the GSA;
  • The Gwich’in Participants and Gwich’in communities can be economically self-sufficient;
  • Gwich’in Participants have an opportunity to develop business capacity skills and resources;
  • Gwich’in communities can build and develop economic development capacity;
  • Value earned from developments on Gwich’in land will be reinvested into the Gwich’in economy; and
  • The traditional Gwich’in economy can be maintained, strengthened, and enhanced while embracing business opportunities.

Conflict Provision:

The Gwich’in Business Policy is subject to the terms of the GCLCA and to the extent there is a conflict between the Business Policy and the GCLCA the provisions of the GCLCA shall govern to the extent of the inconsistency.

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